04/11 Tuesday: Chuck Carr Brown, Guns in the Hands of Artists, Victor Sachse

Hour 1:

Chuck Carr Brown Ph.D

State Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Chuck Carr Brown joins Jim in studio. He has been the secretary for the past 15 months. Brown discusses air quality around the state. He also comments on the future of the department under a Trump presidency. 

Hour 2:

Jonathan Ferrara

Artist and author Jonathan Ferrara chats with Jim about his latest book, Guns in the Hands of Artists.

"In the 1990s, the New Orleans murder rate exploded. In 1996, 350 people were killed―the highest number in the city’s history, and the highest rate in the nation. In response to this crisis, gallery owner and artist Jonathan Ferrara and artist Brian Borrello, launched a powerful project: Guns in the Hands of Artists. Over sixty artists, including painters, glass artists, sculptors, photographers, and poets, used decommissioned guns taken off the city streets via a gun buyback program to express a thought, make a statement, open a discussion, and to stimulate thinking about guns and gun violence in America. " -Amazon

Victor Sachse

Political analyst Dr. Victor Sachse joins the discussion to talk about comments made by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer comparing Syrian President Assad and Adolf Hitler. Sachse was a former political science professor at UL-Lafayette and is the owner of Centaur Records in Baton Rouge.