05/26 Friday: Lauren Lipton, Gus Weill and Mike Strain

Hour One

Lauren Lipton

Lauren Lipton is a journalist who mostly covers trends, style and travele, according to her website (laurenlipton.com). She recently authored, Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories & the Power of Transformation, where she interviews a diverse set of people who regularly practice yoga.

Gus Weill


Former PR consultant Gus Weill, returns to comment on President Trump, the upcoming birthday of President John F. Kennedy and politician Greg Gianforte's attack on a British reporter. Weill is originally from Lafayette, La. 

Hour Two

Mike Strain

Mike Strain is the first Republican to be elected to the position of Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner. He is a doctor of veterinary medicine, with a degree from LSU and is a former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, from Covington. 

05/25 Thursday: Dale Brown, Mark Ballard, Donna Collins Lewis

Hour One

Dale Brown 


Dale Brown is an accomplished writer and New York Times Bestselling author. You may know him as the author of Iron Wolf, but today he was here to talk about he newest work, Price of Duty. At least 13 of Brown's books have been New York Times Bestselling books. Brown attended Penn State and was involved in ROTC.

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard from the Advocate came on the air to comment on the recent session and give his take on other events happening in Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana.

Hour Two

Donna Collins Lewis


Donna Collins Lewis is an East Baton Rouge Metro councilwoman; she discusses Mayor Broome's request to have the officer who shot Alton Sterling, be dismissed from the force. She is Democratic representative for District 6 and was first elected to council in 2008. 

05/24: Volunteers in Public Schools, Ali Akbar, Ben Ludwig, Richard Marksbury

Hour 1:

Judy Bethly 

Executive Director of Volunteers in Public Schools, Judy Bethly, chats with Jim about VIPS. Bethly discusses how the organization has grown over the years and the expansion of many important programs to help public school students. She has been with VIPS for 13 years. 

Ali Akbar

Republican Political Consultant Ali Akbar joins the conversation to discuss Vice President Pence's visit to Port Allen. Akbar comments on President Trump's 37% approval rating, his tax returns, and Russia. 

Ben Ludwig

Author, Benjamin Ludwig, joins the show to discuss his new book, Ginny Moon.

"Ginny Moon is an illuminating look at one girl’s journey to find her way home. In this stunning debut, Benjamin Ludwig gives a voice to the voiceless, reminding us that often we only hear those who speak the loudest, and there’s much to be learned by opening up our ears and our hearts."- Amazon

Hour 2:

Richard Marksbury

Former Dean of the School of Continuing Studies and Summer School at Tulane University, Richard Marksbury, chats with Jim about the removal of four Confederate monuments in New Orleans over the last few weeks. 

05/23 Tuesday: Rinaldi Jacobs, Shante Gibbs, John Lacny, Daniel Estulin, Billy Nungesser

Hour 1:

Rinaldi Jacobs

Rinaldi Jacobs is the Interim Executive Director for the north Baton Rouge economic district. Jacobs came in studio to give some understanding on what is happening in north Baton Rouge and things the city needs for the future.

Shante Gibbs and John Lacny 

Shante Gibbs and John Lacny were in studio to join the conversation on budget cuts and their support of taking away exemptions from corporations.

Hour 2:

Daniel Estulin

Daniel Estulin was born in Lithuania and is a public speaker and author who has sold 7 million books. Estulin’s main interest is the Bilderberg Group, an invitation-only conference for the elites in business, finance, media, military and politics. He spoke on politics, Putin and more. 

Billy Nungesser

Billy Nungesser is the Lieutenant of Louisiana under John Bel Edwards. Lt. Nungesser comments on the continuing controversy over the removal of confederate monuments. 

05/22 Monday: Guest host Stephanie Riegel, Andy Koplin, Clay Young, Roy Fletcher

Hour One:

Andy Kopplin

President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation and a member of the Greater New Orleans Funders Network, Andy Kopplin, chats with Stephanie about criminal justice reform. Koplin discusses reform inititves in the state legislature. 

Clay Young

Clay Young of Clay Young Enterprises came in studio with Stephanie Riegel, to give his take on race in Louisiana and the removal confederate monuments. Clay Young is a native of New Roads and has 20 years experience in the local media industry.

Hour Two:

Roy Fletcher

Political consultant Roy Fletcher and guest host Stephanie Riegel conversed about Donald Trump and more about politics in studio. Fletcher has his own show on Talk 107.3, as well as being the owner of Roy Fletcher Inc., a consulting firm in Baton Rouge

05/19 Friday: Terry Burhans, Patrick Mulhearn, Robert Fenet and Gifford Briggs

Hour One

Terry Burhans


Terry Burhans is a former weatherman and joined our guest host Leo Honeycutt, to talk about his life, his connection to Leo and his performance that will be happening at Phil Brady's Bar & Grill. His performance takes place tonight- located on Government street. 

Patrick Mulhearn


Patrick Mulhearn is the executive director Celtic Studios and recently announced that he will be stepping down from his position, effective on June 30 of this year. While he still has his position, he joined Leo in-studio to give updates on the film industry in Louisiana. 

Hour 2:

Robert Fenet

Baton Rouge Attorney Robert Fenet with Leo Honeycutt; gave insight into economic development oil and gas and the development of Port Cameron. He is originally a native of Lake Charles and studied law at Notre Dame Law School. 

Gifford Briggs

Gifford Briggs oversees lobbying and governmental affairs for the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association; he also manages the social media, video production and website design for the LOGA.