04/12 Wednesday: The Ryan Francis Story, Patrick Mulhearn, Edmond Jordan, Susan Nelson, Dianne Andrews

Hour 1:

Tyrus Thomas & TaRhonda Bazille

Former LSU and NBA star Tyrus Thomas and film director TaRhonda Bazille join Jim in studio to discuss their film, which will premier at the Louisiana International Film Festival, The Ryan Francis Story. Ryan Francis was a Baton Rouge native visiting home for Mother's Day from USC, where he played basketball, when he was shot and killed on May 13, 2006. 

Rep. Edmond Jordan & Rep. Edmond Jordan

Baton Rouge Rep. Edmond Jordan and Executive Director of the Celtic Media Centre Patrick Mulhearn chat with Jim about the film industry in Louisiana and the struggles the film tax credits face during the legislative session. Mulhearn emphasizes how many jobs the film industry creates in the Bayou State. A report finds the film tax incentive causes a significant hit to the state's budget. Mulhearn is leaving his position at Celtic in June after 8 years. 

Hour 2:

Dianne Andrews & Susan Nelson

Former Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party Susan Nelson and Republican host of Dianne Andrews: In Black and White, Dianne Andrews, chat with Jim about President Donald Trump, controversy surrounding Bill O'Reilly, and immigration.