04/10 Monday: Marvin McIntyre, Stanley Nelson, Tyler Bridges, Melissa Flournoy, Darrell Glasper

Hour 1:

Marvin McIntyre

Author of The Outsider: Invest in America, Marvin McIntyre, chats with Jim about his latest book. 

"Imagine a political outsider, a multi-billionaire with the ability to self-fund a campaign, upending the Republican party, manufacturing public sentiment, and changing the course of politics in our country forever. Spinning a web of coercion, manipulation, and inside information, this former hedge fund manager deals his own house of cards to ruthlessly transform the political landscape. " -Amazon

Stanley Nelson

Film maker Stanley Nelson joins Jim to discuss his film, Tell Them We are Rising, which will be featured at the Louisiana International Film Festival. Nelson's film follows education in African American history. Nelson's movie shows how more than 100 black colleges have flourished. 

Tyler Bridges



Writer for The Advocate, Tyler Bridges, joins the conversation to talk about the 2017 legislative session that began today. 

Hour 2:

Melissa Flournoy & Darrell Glasper

Former Democratic state lawmaker Melissa Flournoy and Republican former Metro Councilman Darrell Glasper join Jim in studio to talk about Governor John Bel Edwards and President Donald Trump.