08/25 Thursday: Mike Strain, Mike Wolf, Lamar White, Humberto Fontova

Hour 1: 

Mike Strain

Mike Strain

Commissioner of Agriculture Dr. Mike Strain joins Jim in studio to talk about how the historic flooding has affected crops and livestock in the state. He discusses the recovery process for farmers in the state. Strain plans to visit Cuba again on October 3rd - 7th with Governor John Bel Edwards. 

Mike Wolf

Attorney and Libertarian Mike Wolf chats with Jim about the upcoming presidential election. Wolf says Gary Johnson is the strongest candidate the Libertarian party has ever seen. 

Hour 2: 

Lamar White

Political consultant and blogger Lamar White chats with Jim about the presidential election. White is a supporter of democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Humberto Fontova

Political commentator Humberto Fontova discusses the presidential election and how candidate Donald Trump is getting his vote even though he doesn't like him.