08/26 Friday: Bodi White running for Mayor-President, Look At You Now, Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman


Bodie White

State Senator Bodi White is running for Mayor-President this year.  A native of Central, LA, White talks about the status of the area since the flooding of Louisiana.  He also explains what he would do for the education system if elected as Mayor. 

Liz Pryor

Liz Pryor is an author, speaker, parenting columnist and life advice expert. She joins the show to talk about her book, Look at You Now. Her story is about the most vulnerable moments in our lives and how a willingness to trust ourselves can permanently change who we are and how we see the world.


Dayne Sherman & Scott Wilfong

Political consultants Wilfong and Sherman talk about the elections of 2016, the Senate race in Louisiana and discuss whether the Presidential race is already won in the last few months.