08/24 Wednesday: Dan Claitor, Connections Academy, Chris Tyson, Abhay Patel


Dan Claitor

State Senator Dan Claitor talks about the status of Louisiana government since the flood and the fiscal budget as compared to Katrina.  Claitor hopes that the people of Louisiana will learn from previous tragedies.

Michael Marsh

Former WBRZ anchorman joins the show to talk about the recent Baton Rouge flood. Marsh is now employed at Connections Academy, a tuition-free, fully accredited online public school for students in grades K–12. The academy could be an option available to many students in Louisiana.


Chris Tyson

Baton Rouge native, Chris Tyson, talks about the community and what it needs to do in order to recover from the recent flooding.  Tyson touches on the Presidential campaign as well.

Abhay Patel

Abhay Patel is running for Louisiana's U.S. Senate.  He joins the show to talk about his campaign and the flood in Baton Rouge.