08/01 Monday: Cousin of Jackson detained, 21 or Older to Strip, Elliot Stonecipher


Zack Kopplin

Kopplin broke a story about Damarcus Alexander, the cousin of slain officer Montrell Jackson.  Kopplin also is apart of an organization to re-launch campaign to repeal Louisiana's Creationism Law.   

John Geiger

John Geiger is a bouncer at the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Port Allen. The governor signed legislation raising the dancers' minimum age from 18, that bill went into effect August 1. Geiger gives his opinion on the new law.


Elliot Stonecipher

Stonecipher is a pollster from Shreveport, LA.  He joins the show and talks the accuracy of polling, voter turnouts, election of 2016 and the Senate race. Stonecipher also remembers Jim Leslie's murder 40 years ago.