08/02 Tuesday: Paul Brinkley-Rogers, Mrs. Baton Rouge & E. Eric Guirard, Chaplain Ken Ellis, Melinda Deslatte


Paul Brinkley-Rogers

Whilst serving as a seaman at the age of nineteen, Brinkley-Rogers met Kaji Yukiko, an older Japanese woman, on the run from her boyfriend. Brinkley-Rogers, now in his seventies, re-reads Yukiko's letters and finally recognizes her as the love of his life, in the book, "Please Enjoy Your Happiness."

Mrs. Baton Rouge & E Eric Guirard

Attorney Eric Guirard and Tiffany Dickerson join the show to talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Both guests share some of their personal experiences in relation to the two candidates.


Ken Ellis

Ken Ellis is the chaplain for both Southern and LSU's football team.  Ellis comments on the recent events in Baton Rouge and explains how he handles being chaplain for both teams in the Baton Rouge community.

Melinda Deslatte

Melinda Deslatte is an Associated Press reporter who is covering Louisiana politics.  Deslatte talks about the candidates running for Senate.