07/29 Friday: Jared Taylor, A Graphic Biography, Roger Villere, Susan Nelson


Jared Taylor

Taylor is the editor of The Renaissance website and magazine.  He is referred to as a white-supremacist in support of Donald Trump.  Taylor elaborates on his support in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Ted Rall

Ted Rall's book about Donald Trump, Trump: A Graphic Biography explores the little-known episodes that helped form the man who shocked the U.S. media by launching the hostile takeover of the Republican Party. He talks about Trump's cartoonish mannerisms and feels that Trump will win the election.


Roger Villere

The Chairman of LA GOP joins the show in the beginning of the second hour to analyze both conventions over the past two weeks.  Villere projects Trump to win the state and the country.

Susan Nelson

Former Communications Director for the LA Democratic Party, Nelson joins the show in the final hour to talk about the Democratic Convention in comparison to the Republican Convention.