07/28 Thursday: College Professors on Politics, Dan Moldea & Ali Akbar, Dr. Ernest Johnson, Elbert Guillory & Melissa Flournoy


Stanley Fish

Fish is a professor of humanities and law at Florida International University, in Miami.  His recent piece in The New York Times argues that college professors should keep their opinions about politics to themselves.  Fish feels that while on university time, professors should be restricted to discuss scholarly topics.

Ali Akbar & Dan Moldea

Political activist Ali Akbar is not a fan of Hillary Clinton. Investigative journalist Dan Moldea is a fan.  Akbar and Moldea debate over which presidential candidate they feel would make a better president. 


Dr. Ernest Johnson

President of the NAACP in Louisiana comments on the recent shootings and police brutality since Alton Sterling. 

Melissa Flournoy & Elbert Guillory

Former lawmaker Melissa Flournoy and former member of U.S. Senate Elbert Guillory agree that at both conventions, certain issues should be addressed rather than political mudslinging.  However, they do not agree on which candidate should win the presidency.