07/15 Friday: Real Food/Fake Food, Karl Roider, Hands Up--Greg Williams Jr., Ali Akbar, Quinn Hillyer


Larry Olmsted

Larry reveals the deception that extends from high-end foods like olive oil and Kobe beef to everyday staples such as coffee, honey and cheese. Olmsted explains why buying foods closer to their whole forms is healthier and safer.

Karl Roider Jr.

Former LSU history professor talks about the Turkish military seizing control of the country and the tragedy in Nice, France.

Greg Williams Jr.

Greg Williams Jr., New Venture’s artistic director, who is also is acting in the production, "Hands Up."  Williams joins the show to discuss the importance of the production since the Alton Sterling shooting. The show’s two performances Saturday in LSU’s Claude L. Shaver Theatre come at a time when tension is high between Baton Rouge’s black community and law enforcement.


Ali Akbar

Member of the black conservatives, Akbar joins the show to comment on the effects of the Alton Sterling shooting in the black community.  Akbar also exhausts the importance of the criminal justice reform.

Quin Hillyer

Quin Hillyer is a Conservative and an American newspaper columnist and writer. He talks about Donald Trump speaking at the GOP convention next week.