07/18 Monday: Tara Wicker, Chris Thomas King, Representative Pat Smith, David St. Romain, Chairman Roger Villere


Tara Wicker

Councilwoman Tara Wicker is a native of Baton Rouge.  Wicker joins the show to discuss the recent killing of three Baton Rouge officers Sunday, July 17.

Chris Thomas King

Chris Thomas King is a Grammy award winning New Orleans musician and actor. He is originally from Baton Rouge and joins the show to talk about his newest music ventures and the tragedies in his hometown. He invites the city to come and listen to him at the St. James Episcopal Church on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.



Pat Smith

Representative Patricia Smith talks with Jim about the recent shootings in Baton Rouge. Smith expresses the Capitol city's need for an open discussion about racial profiling.

David St. Romain

Musical artist David St. Romain is a native of Alexandria, Louisiana who expresses his grief for his friend, Officer Brad Garafola who lost his life Sunday in Baton Rouge.

Roger Villere

Roger Villere is Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party.  He is attending the Republican Convention in Cleveland this week but expresses the concern for the Capital city and the effects of the shootings on the convention.