07/14 Thursday: Michelle McCalope, The End of The Perfect 10, Gary Chambers, Bill to De-Escalate Violence, Trump and Pence


Michelle McCalope

Award-winning journalist and native of Baton Rouge, McCalope joins the show to talk about the aftermath in the community since the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Dvora Meyers

Gymnastics insider Dvora Meyers examines the evolution of elite women’s gymnastics over the last few decades with her book, "The End of The Perfect 10." Meyers reveals why successful female gymnasts are older and more athletic than they have ever been before, how the United States became a gymnastics powerhouse, and what the future of gymnastics will hold.

Gary Chambers

Publisher and Co-Owner of Baton Rouge's The Rouge Collection is responsible for a large part of Alton Sterling's funeral at Southern University, Friday, July 15.  Chambers describes who is expected to attend the funeral.


Garret Graves

Congressmen Cedric Richmond and Garret Graves have teamed up to introduce legislation that would give police training to de-escalate situations and help provide law enforcement access to nonlethal weapons. Graves says this comes after last week’s fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling. He says this bill’s goal is to use new technology to bridge gaps between life and death.

Rob Maness

Rob Maness joins the show to talk about Indiana Gov. Mike Pence who is expected to be Donald Trump's running mate.