07/13 Wednesday: Greg Meriwether, Oldest American Woman to Give Birth at 60, Pres. of National Lawyers Committee, Pres. of NAACP, Mike Wolf


Greg Meriwether

WAFB Newsanchor joins the show to comment on the shooting of Alton Sterling and the events that have unfolded a week later.

Frieda Birnbaum

At 60, Frieda Birnbaum became the oldest American to give birth.  Birnbaum has written a book, "Life Begins at 60." In the book she stresses that having IVF, first at 53, for her son now in high school, then for the twin boys, is not what defines her. 

Kristen Clarke

The president of the National Lawyers' Committee gives her assessment of what is going on in Baton Rouge.  She expresses the importance of the case and how it relates to the changes that she feels must occur in order to prevent tragedies like this.


Mike McClanahan

The President of Baton Rouge's branch of the NAACP gives his opinions on the community's attitude towards race and addresses some civil issues like police brutality.

Michael Wolf

Attorney Mike Wolf joins the show to also comment on the recent shooting in Baton Rouge and tell what he thinks is part of the problem.