04/26 Tuesday: Medical Marijuana in Louisiana, First woman in LA enlisted in infantry combat, The Network, Stuart Stevens, The Geography of Madness


David Brown & Karen O'Keefe

The director of a group called Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana, says changing out "prescription" for "recommendation" allows doctors and pharmacists to get marijuana to patients without risking their federal license with the Drug Enforcement Agency.  Karen feels that there is overwhelming evidence that marijuana is one of the safest available treatment options, when used at the direction of the physician.

Grace Barnett

 Barnett is the first female to enlist in an infantry combat position in the U.S. Army. After being in law enforcement for three years and she has been working to go into the infantry since the department of defense allowed women in this role. She says it’s a great honor to serve her country on the front lines.

Scott Woolley

Author Scott Woolley tells the story of America’s airwaves, the two friends—one a media mogul, the other a famous inventor—who made them available to us, and the government which figured out how to put a price on air. This is the origin story of the foundational technology of the communications age as told through the forty-year friendship of an industrialist and a brilliant inventor.



Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens is an American travel writer and political consultant. He was the cofounder of a political media consultancy, Stevens & Schriefer Group. Stevens stays on the show for a few segments and talks about honesty in candidates, voting registration and much more with Jim.

Frank Bures

The Geography of Madness is an investigation of "culture-bound" syndromes, which are far stranger than they sound.  Frank Bures tells Jim about his travels around the world to trace culture-bound syndromes to their sources—and tells a remarkable story about the strange things all of us believe.