04/27 Wednesday: Kimbrough Scholars Program, Dawn Starns, Elliot Stonecipher


Melvin Kelley

The Kimbrough Scholars Program is a conducted CRRJ summer program since 2014 with Southern University Law Center students. Melvin Kelley and the Kimbrough Scholars stop at SULC during their week long visit to the Baton Rouge area, April 25-30, as part of their investigation of a Jim Crow and Civil Rights era cold case. The 1940 case involves the death of Horace “Booster” Williams in Pointe Coupee Parish.

Dawn Starns

Dawn Starns, a veteran Baton Rouge lobbyist and grassroots activist, is the state director of the National Federation of Independent Business. Starns and Jim discuss the possibility and reasons necessary for increasing minimum wage in the state of Louisiana.



Elliot Stonecipher

Elliot Stonecipher  is a demographer, pollster, political pundit, civic activist, and public speaker from  Shreveport. Stonecipher talks to Jim about voter turnout, the translation of campaign polling and the two political parties.  He breaks down the process of thought for votes and what makes the election of 2016 different and the senate race.

Al Hirt

The trumpeter from New Orleans died 17 years ago on this date.  We hear his famous hit, "Java."