04/25 Monday: Chancelier Skidmore, Jerry Sanson on McKeithen Paying KKK, Bob Mann of LSU Manship


Chancelier Skidmore & Jolie Gilbert

Chancelier Skidmore joins Jim on the show to talk about the All City Teen Poetry Slam Festival that will be on LSU campus April 27-30. He brings the Baton Rouge Youth Poet-Laureate, Jolie Gilbert on the show and both share two poetic pieces.

Dr. Jerry Sanson of LSUA

 Based on FBI records obtained by the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication, Former-Governor John McKeithen made payments to the KKK in the 1960s to stop racial violence.  Dr. Sanson, professor of history and political science talks about the validity of the resources and rumors. Jerry Sanson is joined by Gus Weill, who was on McKeithen's advisory counsel, to discuss more details.


Robert Mann 

Robert Mann holds the Manship Chair in Journalism at the Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU.  He joins Jim during the second hour of the show to aid in the discussion of former Gov. John McKeithen's payments to the KKK. Mann also discusses politics and candidates in the presidential election.