03/21 Monday: Longest Standing Politico in the U.S John Treen, The Red Shtick Magazine Publisher Jeremy White, Author Humberto Fontova, Former State Senator Tony Guarisco

Hour 1:

John Treen

Longest standing politico in the U.S, and brother of former Gov. Dave Treen. John Treen, who  recently turned 90 years old, talks Vitter's past and Trump's not so good future in politics.

Jeremy White

Jeremy White

Publisher of The Red Shtick Magazine, Jeremy White, talks the primary showdown, and says, "Bobby Jindal's endorsement of Trump may take Trump down". 

Hour 2:

Humberto Fontova

Tony Guarisco

Humberto Fontova a Cuban-American author, blogger, politico and a non supporter of Pres. Obama's visit to Cuba, and  former state senator from Morgan City, attorney, blogger, Tony Guarisco, who supports the president's visit to Cuba, both discuss their views on the value of the visit. Tony Guarisco also talks state politics here in Louisiana.