03/18 Friday: Former LSU boxing NCAA Champion, Confessions of a Headmaster, The Regular Legislative Session

Hour 1:

Crowe Peele

Jim is joined in studio by former LSU boxing NCAA champion, Crowe Peele. Peele discusses his career as a boxer and his life after he retired from the sport. 

Flashback Friday

Jim remembers Frank Sinatra, Jr., who passed away Wednesday at the age of 72. 

Paul Cummins

Author Paul Cummins joins the conversation to talk about his latest book, Confessions of a Headmaster

"In this entertaining and inspiring memoir, renowned educator Paul Cummins candidly shares his journey from privileged kid and ivory-tower scholar to hands-on progressive educator, working to achieve social justice through education for all youth: from children of celebrities to foster and incarcerated youth and those facing sometimes unimaginable circumstantial hurdles to education and accomplishment—proving time and again that all children can succeed given appropriate support."- Amazon

Hour 2: 

Rob Shadoin

Republican Representative Rob Shadoin of Ruston chats with Jim about the regular legislative session and the possibility of another special session. Shadoin believes they were incomplete after the end of the special session because the massive budget deficit was not totally solved. Shadoin comments on the recent flooding in the central and northern areas of the state.