03/17: Thursday: Jerry Madden, Resurrection of Rev. Jimmy Swaggart's Career, Chesley Heymsfield, The Direction of the State of Louisiana

Hour 1: 

Jerry Madden

Former Texas lawmaker Jerry Madden with Right on Crime discusses why 17-year-old children convicted of a minor crime should not be tried as adults. He says there is typically more success in the juvenile system. Madden says he speaks from the right side of the political spectrum. 

Stephanie Riegel 

Stephanie Riegel of the Baton Rouge Business Report joins the show in studio to discuss the resurrection of Rev. Jimmy Swaggart's career. Jim worked for Swaggart in the early 1980s. 

Riegel says Swaggart is extremely charismatic and made a comeback with his ministry after a lawsuit. In 1988, the reverend was involved in a prostitution scandal.

Hour 2: 

Chesley Heymsfield 

Jim is joined in studio by the Executive Director of the Louisiana International Film Festival Chesley Heymsfield. A variety of films will be featured ranging from Bogalusa Charm to After the Spill. The event takes place at Cinemark Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge from April 13-17th. Heymsfield says Raiders! could be her favorite film featured. 

For more information on the festival visit lifilmfest.org. 

Michael Henderson

Director of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab Dr. Michael Henderson discusses the latest survey that finds 63% of Louisiana residents aren't pleased with the direction of the state. Henderson says the poll also finds there is a huge increase in the number of people who say the state's business conditions are worse than last year.