03/16 Wednesday: Dr. Steven Heymsfield, Red Cross's Kay Wilkins, Tyler Bridges, Attorney Michael Wolf


Dr. Steven Heymsfield

Dr. Heymsfield recalls what it was like to grow up in New York in the same neighborhood as Donald Trump. He also mentions nutrition and exercise and what it takes to motivate people to be more healthy.


Kay Wilkins of Red Cross

As the regional C.E.O.  Kay gives an update on the locations of the Red Cross shelters and services available in the state.

Tyler Bridges of the Advocate

Tyler Bridges makes the connection between candidate Donald Trump and David Duke.  Bridges describes the actions of Donald Trump as being "David himself."

Attorney Michael Wolf


Attorney Wolf discusses the issue of whether President Obama should nominate Merrick Garland for Supreme Court or if the nomination should be up to the upcoming president.