03/15 Tuesday: Author Claudia Kalb, former Senator Ben Bagert, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser


Claudia Kalb: Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder

Claudia Kalb gives readers a glimpse into the lives of high-profile historic figures through the lens of modern psychology, weaving groundbreaking research into biographical narratives that are deeply embedded in our culture.  She shares with Jim intriguing revelations, and brings a new perspective to some of the most well-known names today.


Ben Bagert

Attorney Bagert gives his opinions on the presidential race, especially his views on Donald Trump.

Lt. Gov Billy Nungesser

Lt. Gov. Nungesser talks about his responsibility as Lt. Gov to help make the appropriate cuts necessary to fix the budget.  Nungesser also describes the status of the flooding in the state of Louisiana while he and Gov. John Edwards are our surveying the areas.