03/22 Tuesday: The Presidential Election, Terror Attacks in Belgium, Black Conservatives, Gun Legislation

Hour 1:

Michael Chittom 

Republican activist Michael Chittom joins Jim in studio to talk about the presidential election and his support for billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Chittom believes Trump will shake things up and has good stances on immigration. 

Col. Rob Maness

Col. Rob Maness discusses this morning's terror attacks in Belgium. Maness believes Congress should issue a declaration of war against ISIS. Maness is running for the US Senate seat that will soon be vacated by David Vitter.  

Hour 2:

Ali Akbar

Conservative and Senior Advisor at the Black Conservatives Fund Ali Akbar joins Jim to talk about black conservatives. Akbar said he found out he was a Republican when he was a senior in high school on the debate team. He is supporting Ted Cruz for president. Akbar says he's a conservative and wants all blacks to vote. 

Barry Ivey

Baton Rouge Representative Republican Barry Ivey joins the conversation to discuss his proposed legislation for Louisiana citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a permit and a license.