12/09 Friday: Scott McKay, Steven Rabalais, Pearson Cross, Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman


Scott McKay



Mckay is the owner and founder of his blog, The Hayride.  Mckay joins the show to talk with Jim about Kennedy, Campbell and the runoff in Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District.

Steven Rabalais

Steven Rabalais has a lifelong interest in military history and in the biographies of lesser-known, but historically significant, figures. His book about General Fox Conner presents the first complete biography of a significant figure in American military history.  Rabalais joins the show to describe how the idea for this book came to him and his journey of writing it.

Pearson Cross



Political science professor at University of Lafayette joins the show to give his predictions for the Senate race and the runoff in Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District.


Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman

Wilfong is a Republican, Sherman is a Democrat.  Wilfong and Sherman talk about the Senate race and Donald Trump's visit to Baton Rouge on December 9.  They discuss campaign advertisements of Campbell and Kennedy, determining who should and will win.