12/12 Monday: Michelle Southern, Rannah Gray, Earl Casey & Bob Mann


Michelle Southern

Assistant News Director at Louisiana Radio Network, Michelle opens the show with a recap of numbers from the elections this past weekend.  Michelle talks about the congressional races around the state, the taxes that were shot down in EBR parish and Sharon Weston Broome's triumph.

Rannah Gray

Author and public relations consultant joins the show to talk about Sharon Weston Broome winning the mayoral race.  Gray talks about Broome's obstacles while coming into office as the first woman Mayor of Baton Rouge.  She also describes party relations and their relevancy to those it represents.


Bob Mann & Earl Casey

Bob Mann is in studio and Earl Casey joins the show over the phone.  Mann and Casey join Rannah in discussing politics in the media and how fake news has revolutionized, changing the way people receive information.