12/13 Tuesday: Sharon Weston Broome, Steven Waguespack and Peter Sclafani

Hour One

Sharon Weston Broome

The Mayor-elect of Baton Rouge joined the show to discuss her victory and her plans for the city of Baton Rouge after taking office. Sharon Weston Broome made history as the first woman to be elected to the position; she was also the first African-American woman to be a member of the Louisiana State Senate for District 15. 


Steven Waguespack 

Stephen Waguespack is the President and Ceo of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI). Stephen served as an advisor to former Gov. Bobby Jindal, including chief of staff. He is a native of Louisiana and graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Mass Communication.

Hour Two

Peter Sclafani

The Chef of Ruffino's in Baton Rouge joined the show to discuss the food of 2016. Sclafani was named as a top chef in Louisiana in 225 Magazine.