01/22 Friday: "The Artful Detective", Elaine LaLanne, Louisiana Budget Proposal, and Flashback Friday to Lynn Marino


Yannick Bisson 

Yannick Bisson stars as William Murdoch on the popular Ovation TV series The Artful Detective which is about to begin its ninth season on January 23.  

Elaine LaLanne

Elaine LaLanne is the wife of the late fitness legend, Jack LaLanne.  She joins Jim to remember her husband as the fifth anniversary of Jack's death approaches this Saturday.   "He died with a weight in his hand," Elaine says. 

Clara Benson

Clara Benson is the author of No Baggage.  Clara Bensen’s 2013 Salon.com article entitled “The Craziest OKCupid Date Ever,”  was read by more than half a million people. The story of her luggage-less adventure attracted major national and international attention, with coverage in USA Today, and appearances on The View, Fox News. No Baggage has also been optioned by New Line cinemas.   Clara and her partner Jeff have made four subsequent no baggage trips, to South America, the Caucuses, Scandinavia, and Japan.  "I was nervous about a lot of things... we washed our clothes in the sink, hung them up to dry at night, and put them on in the morning and kept going," Bensen says, "We used couchsurfing.com." 


Jim Brown

Jim Brown is the former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner.  He comments on Governor Edwards's budget proposal.  Brown suggests examining the effectiveness of higher education and the TOPS program and look to see what can be improved. 

Flashback Friday

Lynn Marino was the mother of a Derrick Todd Lee victim.  Marino passed away this last year after a battle with cancer despite her wish to outlive Lee.  Jim remembers her on this segment of Flashback Friday in light of the serial killer's recent death.