01/21 Thursday: Death of Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee, BTR Airport, and Louisiana Budget Proposal


Ann Pace

Ann Pace is the mother of Charlotte Murray Pace.  Murray Pace was victim to serial killer Derrick Todd Lee.  The killer died of complications due to a heart pacemaker today, and Ann Pace shares her reaction to the news. "We don't remember victims.  I don't know what it is about humans.  You could say Ted Bundy, and everyone would know who he is, but I don't think one person could name a victim.  We remember the killers." 

Jim Caldwell 

Jim Caldwell is the Marketing & Air Service Development Manager at Baton Rouge Metro Airport.  He comments on air travel right now. "Total passenger volume (inbound and outbound) is about 800,000," Caldwell says, "We have a slightly higher percentage of business travel than the New Orleans airport." Caldwell also notes of a betterment in the food options at the BTR airport. 

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards is the Airport Safety & Operations Manager at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport.   He joins Jim Caldwell to discuss air travel and safety.  "We actually have one of the shortest screening times as far as getting through security," Edwards says.  He also comments on his experience working with the security for President Obama's recent visit to Baton Rouge.  


Barry Irwin

Barry Irwin is the President and CEO of the Council for a Better Louisiana.  He discusses Governor Edwards's budget proposal.  "It's going to have to be a balance... not just businesses or individuals getting picked on... share the pain," Irwin says of the budget. 

Susan Mustafa

Susan Mustafa is the author of Bloodbath.  Mustafa shares her book as serial killer Derrick Todd Lee died today. "I looked at a timeline of his life, and where he was when a lot of women in that timeframe were missing because of unsolved cases," Mustafa says.