01/20 Wednesday: Marriage Hall of Fame, Cigarette Tax, Louisiana Budget, and Financial Analyst


Gene Mills

Reverend Gene Mills is the head of Louisiana Family Forum.  He is looking for the longest married heterosexual couple to join the Louisiana Family Forum Marriage Hall of Fame. 

Lydia KuyKendal

Lydia Kuykendal is the Director of Government Relations for Louisiana at American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.  She discusses raising the cigarette tax to more than the national average.  She disparages at the proposed 22 cent tax by Governor John Bel Edwards.   


George Sells 

George Sells is a recently retired longtime evening news anchor at WAFB in Baton Rouge.  He discusses the economy and drops in the stock market.  Sells also discusses the Chinese economy and how this affects the United States. 

Tony Guarisco

Tony Guarisco is a former Louisiana state senator who proposed a bill to legalize medical marijuana through a research program in 1978. He discusses the economy and stock market with George Sells.  

Amy Anderson 

Amy Anderson is the Financial Analyst Marketing Director and Investment Advisor Associate at BF Anderson and Co.