01/25 Monday: Derrick Todd Lee's Prosecutor, LSU Gymnast joins the Circus, Senator John Milkovich


John Sinquefield

John Sinquefield is a Baton Rouge prosecutor.  He got the death penalty for Baton Rouge serial killer Derrick Todd Lee.  Sinquefield shares his experience with the Lee case and discusses his views on the highly debated issue of capitol punishment.  "I've prosecuted serial rapists before, but I don't think I have ever seen a situation like that before or since in my lifetime," Sinquefield says of Derrick Todd Lee's crimes.  "He committed horrible, heinous acts against these women." 


Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson is a decorated gymnast for LSU.  Jackson shares her experiences growing up with the sport.  "I was very overactive as a toddler and to save myself and the house, my mom put me in gym," she begins.  Jackson also noted her special connection to LSU, "I felt like the coaches really cared for me as a person, not just as a gymnast."  

After she graduated, Jackson ran away with the circus. "How many people get to say that?" she says.  Jackson traveled Europe for two years with Cirque Du Soleil. 

John Milkovich

John Milkovich is the new state senator from Shreveport.  He ran his campaign on family and traditional values, vowing to defend traditional ideals and cut taxes.  He shares how he will better improve Louisiana.