9/07 Monday: The Road Not Taken, The Boys in the Boat, The Beatles and Me, and Louisiana Politics


David Orr

David Orr is the poetry columnist for the New York Times Book Review, and he teaches at Cornell University.  He shares his book The Road Not Taken: Finding America in the Poem Everyone Loves and Almost Everyone Gets Wrong.  

David James Brown

Daniel James Brown is a former writing professor and current full time narrative nonfiction writer.  He shares his latest book The Boys in the Boat.

Ivor Davis

Ivor Davis is an author and a journalist.  He shares his story The Beatles and Me about the 1964 American tour of the famed four.  Davis gives the inside scoop about the interaction between two of the biggest names in Rock and Roll. 


Gus Weill


Gus Weill is a well known Louisiana author and political consultant.  He discusses the first day of qualifying for state wide offices tomorrow and the Gubernatorial election.