9/04 Friday: Louisiana's Incarcerated Children, Dangers of Caffeine, Gubernatorial Candidates, Same Sex Marriage, Donald Trump, and Ashley Madison


Gina Womack

Gina Womack is the Executive Director of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children.  Womack discusses the high incarceration rate in Louisiana and child disobedience.  

Laura MacCleery

Laura MacCleery, as Chief of Regulatory Affairs, is a seasoned legislative and regulatory campaigner for improvements to public health. She is the author or editor of more than 75 comments to regulatory dockets and over 25 major research-based reports, and has testified in administrative hearings, the U.S. Congress, and Brussels. 

Gubernatorial Q&A

According to the CDC, Louisiana has some of the highest rates of STDs in the country.  As governor how would you work with the state office of public health to reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases.  

David Vitter: "Healthcare in Louisiana is ranked 48 in the country... 33.1% are obese... expanding primary and preventive care... dramatically improving education has to be the backbone of our path forward." 
Scott Angelle: "We are failing to educate our children... It is our duty to educate our children about the dangers of premarital sex... As a father of five children, I have often had these awkward conversations about the birds and the bees."
John Bel Edwards: "To do a better job of educating the public about STD's and transmission... We need to take a comprehensive look at healthcare access and education."
Jay Dardenne: "We must put an end to human trafficking and prostitution...  We need a governor who can speak to this issue with sincerity..."


Darrell White

Judge Darrell White served twenty years of elective service on the Baton Rouge City Court.  He is the founder and president of the Retired Judges of America.  He discusses his views on the same sex marriage decision and how, if it does indeed, affect religious liberty.  He also comments on Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential race and Ashley Madison.