9/03 Thursday: Billy Cannon, A Long, Long Run; Donald Trump, Mark Kram Jr.

Hour 1:

Billy Cannon and Charles deGravelles


Heisman Trophy winner Dr. Billy Cannon and author Charles deGravelles join the show to discuss deGravelles' book Billy Cannon: A Long, Long Run. Cannon talks about his birth, growing up and his family's reaction after reading his biography. 

Cannon says the highlight of his day was going to practice in high school.  

Cannon served two and a half years in federal prison and was convicted in 1983 for his part in a counterfeiting scheme. 

"Through conversations with Cannon, deGravelles follows the athlete-turned-reformer from his boyhood in a working-class Baton Rouge neighborhood to his sudden rush of fame as the leading high school running back in the country. Personal and previously unpublished stories about Cannon's glory days at LSU and his stellar but controversial career in the pros, as well as details of his indictment for counterfeiting and his post-release work as staff dentist at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, unfold in a riveting biography characterized by uncanny success, deep internal struggles, and a champion's spirit that pushed through it all."- Amazon.com

Hour 2:

Arthur Goldwag


Arthur Goldwag joins Jim to talk about Donald Trump. He wrote an article in The New York Times about Trump's rosebud moment. Goldwag says he didn't think Trump was actually serious about running for president. His most recent book is titled The New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right. 

Mark Kram, Jr. 


Mark Kram, Jr. discusses the judge ruling in favor of Tom Brady in Deflategate. He says the public will always think he's wrong.

Charles deGravelles

Charles comes back in the second hour to discuss his biography of Billy Cannon.