9/02 Wednesday: Asian America, Dangers of Caffeine Overdosage, and the Voice of Tiger Stadium Dan Borne


Erika Lee

One of the nation’s leading immigration and Asian American historians, Erika Lee teaches American history at the University of Minnesota, where she holds the Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair in Immigration History and is Director of the Immigration History Research Center.  She joins the show to share her new book The Making of Asian America: A History.  

Matt Parker

Matt Parker created  his own auto collision repair business.  He has never held public office in Louisiana.  Parker shares why he is running for Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana and why he can make a difference.

Laura MacCleery

Laura MacCleery, as Chief of Regulatory Affairs, is a seasoned legislative and regulatory campaigner for improvements to public health.  She shares her expertise on this New York Times article which warns of 5 Powdered Caffeines that are hazardous to health.  


Dan Borne


Dan Borne has been the Public Announcer and the Voice of Tiger Stadium for the past three decades.  Borne remarks on his career and discusses the excitement as the football season begins.