9/01 Tuesday: Ed Kron, Sean O'Keefe, Rolfe McCollister, Steve Rayborn, Louisiana's Top 10 Redneck Cities

Hour 1:

Ed Kron

Ed Kron

Ed Kron, with Bozeman, chats with Jim about the need for generators during the current hurricane season. 

Sean O'Keefe

Sean O'Keefe

Former LSU chancellor of LSU, Administrator of NASA and US Secretary of the Navy Sean O'Keefe joins the conversation to chat about his time at LSU during Hurricane Katrina and the arrival of Les Miles. O'Keefe talks about the university's recent budget cuts, as well as, working for NASA. 

O'Keefe says he never believed he was qualified to be the Administrator of NASA and adds the job had many highs and lows. 

O'Keefe discusses his nearly fatal plane crash in Alaska. He and his son were two of the four survivors. He says it reminds him of how fragile life is and thanks God everyday they made it out alive. 

Hour 2:

Rolfe McCollister


Founder and CEO of Louisiana Business Inc.,  Rolfe McCollister joins Jim to discuss the upcoming gubernatorial election. He expects the election to get heated pretty soon. 

McCollister talks about his recent article about Senator David Vitter and his prostitution scandal. He says it would be harmful to Louisiana to elect Vitter as the next governor. 

Steve Rayborn

Steve Rayborn is the newly elected Registrar of Voters in East Baton Rouge Parish. He urges East Baton Rouge residents to get out and vote in the upcoming governors election in October.

Frederick Marksman

Frederick Marksman comments on his article about Louisiana's Top 10 Redneck Cities. Marksman chose the Top 10 by adding up factors such as, number of mobile homes, tobacco stores, number of high school dropouts and similar categories.