8/31 Monday: Former Gov. of Mississippi Haley Barbour, Remembering Hurricane Katrina, Gubernatorial Election, and Candidate for District 68 Rep Robert Cipriano


Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour, Founding Partner of BGR Group, returned to BGR in January 2012 after serving two consecutive terms as Governor of Mississippi, including two years as the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.  He will discuss his book about Hurricane Katrina. 

C. B. Forgotston

C. B. Forgotston is an accomplished Louisiana politico and attorney.  He comments on the Gubernatorial election and remembers Hurricane Katrina.  


Robert Cade Cipriano

Robert Cade Cipriano started a successful communications practice in Baton Rouge and has since advised elected officials and multinational companies around the world.  He is running for State Representative for District 68 against incumbent Steve Carter.  If elected, Cipriano would be the youngest legislator in the House at 29 years old.  

Jeremy Alford 

Jeremy Alford is the publisher and editor of LaPolitics.com and LaPolitics Weekly.  He will give his opinion on the swiftly approaching Gubernatorial election. 

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