9/28 Monday: CBS Report, Relationships and Social Media, Rush Hour Traffic and Your Heart Health, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


Jamie Wax

Jamie Wax is a CBS correspondent and actor.  He reports from CBS in New York on the United Nations General Assembly. 

Corey Porche

Corey Porche is a counselor.  He talks about the difficulties and pressures which social media inflict upon relationships.  

Dr. Joseph Cefalu

Dr. Joseph Cefalu is a Baton Rouge cardiologist.  He warns against the dangers of rush hour traffic against your health.  


Jeremy Alford

Jeremy Alford is the publisher and owner of lapolitics.com.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election.  

John Hill

John Hill is the Gannett Capital Bureau Chief and covered the governor's mansion for four decades.  He says the Gubernatorial election is not in the bag for anyone.