9/25 Friday: Adventures in the Antrhopocene, Resignation of John Boehner, Stock Market, the Gubernatorial Election, and the 2016 Presidential Race


Gaia Vince

Gaia Vince is a journalist who specializes in science, the environment, and social issues.  She discusses her book Adventures in the Anthropocene.  

Dan Moldea

Dan Moldea has been an independent crime reporter since October 1974.  He discusses the resignation of Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner.  

Fred Dent III

Fred Dent III is the CFA of Dent Asset Management, as he has been since 1997.  He discusses the dynamics of the Stock Market.  


Gus Weill

Gus Weill is a noted Louisiana author and politico.  He discusses the resignation of John Boehner, the Gubernatorial election, adn the 2016 Presidential race. 

James Moran is the Associate Editor at Tiger Rag Magazine.  He gives an update of the LSU v. Syracuse football game.