9/24 Thursday: Buddy Caldwell, Riverside Towing, Jason Dore, Ryan Anderson

Hour 1:

Buddy Caldwell

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell joins the show for a segment to talk about the upcoming Attorney General's election. Caldwell says he's the best fit for the job. 

Neil Sweeney

Attorney Neil Sweeney chats with Jim about the huge towing problem in Baton Rouge. Sweeney discusses a few lawsuits he has with Riverside Towing. 

Larry Bankston

Attorney for Riverside Towing Larry Bankston defends the company. 

Hour 2:

Jason Dore

We're joined by the Executive Director of the Louisiana Republican Party Jason Dore. Dore chats with Jim about the upcoming elections in the state. He says the worst scenario for gubernatorial candidate Senator David Vitter would be to have another Republican candidate in the runoff. 

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson, Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, joins the conversation to discuss the arrival of the Pope in the United States. He is a firm supporter of traditional marriage and says the Pope is highlighting the message of "family" while on his visit. 

Anderson recently released a book titled Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom, which discusses the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage.