9/29 Tuesday: John Bel Edwards, Melanie Bronfin, Mike Wolf

Hour 1:

John Bel Edwards

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards joins the conversation to discuss the upcoming October 24th election. Edwards says he feels optimistic about his chances in the runoff. He discusses what's at stake for Louisiana. 

Edwards says he will rebuild the healthcare plan in the state. He is the only candidate that supports increasing the minimum wage and discusses why he believes it should be raised. 

Hour 2:

Melanie Bronfin

Melanie Bronfin

Executive Director of the Policy Institute for Children Melanie Bronfin joins us in studio to talk about increasing funding for childcare and education programs in the state. She says nearly 50% of children are being raised in single parent homes. 

Mike Wolf

We're joined by libertarian attorney Mike Wolf to discuss his book, A Summary of Buddhadharma, as well as, prostitution and marijuana.  He says using marijuana for relaxation is considered a medical reason.  Wolf explains the double standard of promiscuity and prostitution.