9/16 Wednesday: Fathers and Sons and College Football, Louisiana Debtors Prison, 2016 Presidential Debates and Election, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens is a founding partner in Strategic, Partners & Media, is a contributor to The Daily Beast, and is currently working on a new show for HBO about Georgetown in the JFK era and has just completed a novel set at a political convention in the near future.  He shares his latest novel, The Last Season, about fathers, sons, and college football.  

Marjorie Esman

Marjorie Esman is the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana.  She discusses Louisiana's Debtors Prisons: An Appeal to Justice.  


Jerry Sanson

Jerry Sanson is a Professor of History and Political Science,  Behavioral Science and Social Sciences Department at Louisiana State University at Alexandria.  He comments on tonight's Presidential debate and on the impending Louisiana Gubernatorial election.  

Leo Honeycutt

Leo Honeycutt is a well known Louisiana author and award-winning journalist.  He also discusses the 2016 Presidential Debates and Election.  Honeycutt comments further on the Gubernatorial election which is five weeks away.