9/17 Thursday: Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Trey Ourso, Clay Young

Hour 1:

Lily Eskelsen Garcia


President of the National Education Association Lily Eskelsen Garcia joins Jim in studio. Lily is a native of Utah and is a 6th grade teacher. 

Garcia talks about why politicians are deciding what schools needs and how upset parents are by this. She discusses Common Core and her favorite standards. 

Hour 2:

Trey Ourso


We're joined by Former Executive Head of the Louisiana Democratic Party and Gumbo PAC Head Trey Ourso. Ourso talks about the gubernatorial race and how they were different than the last election. He promotes the "ABV" campaign, Anybody But Vitter. 

Ourso discusses Vitter's prostitution scandal. 

Clay Young

Political Consultant Clay Young adds to the conversation about the upcoming governors election. Young discusses last night's presidential debate.