9/15 Tuesday: Tyler Bridges, Ben Bagert, Marty Mule'

Hour 1: 

Tyler Bridges

Reporter Tyler Bridges discusses the upcoming gubernatorial election. Bridges talks about Baton Rouge reporter Derek Myers, who was fired. Myers claims his termination was because he asked Sen. Vitter questions about his prostitution scandal. 

Jim and Tyler chat about Vitter and the election. Bridges talks about the differences between Edwin Edwards and David Vitter. 

Hour 2

Ben Bagert

Jim is joined by former senator Ben Bagert to discuss the governor's election. Bagert has know Sen. David Vitter. Bagert also talks about how Governor Jindal is doing in the presidential election. He comments on Donald Trump's success in the race. 

Marty Mule' 

Sports writer Marty Mule' joins the conversation to chat about attending the first New Orleans Saints game. Mule' remembers the plane crash that killed LSU Football Coach Bo Rein in 1980 before he could even coach a game.