Wednesday: Governor Jindal Running for 2016 President, Healthy Lifestyles, and Candidate for Governor John Bel Edwards


Dr. G. Pearson Cross

Dr. G Pearson Cross is the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of Political Science at Southern University.  Dr. Cross will comment on Governor Jindal's announcement to run for president.  He is writing a book about Governor Jindal.  

Dean Ornish, MD

Dr. Dean Ornish is a nutritionist, author, and healthy lifestyle expert.  He shares his expertise and insight on diabetes and obesity.  Baton Rouge is the fattest city in the fattest state in America.  


John Bel Edwards

Representative John Bel Edwards is a candidate for the Gubernatorial election.  He joins Jim today to comment on his campaign and Bobby Jindal's announcement for his candidacy for president.