Thursday: Gubernatorial Candidates Q&A on Agriculture, former Saints and Panthers Quarterback Jake Delhomme, Bobby Jindal, and the Impacts of the Legislative Session


Carey Martin

Carey Martin is the Director of Public Relations at the Louisiana Farm Bureau.  "Louisiana farmers have had a really great run for the past few years... great commodity prices, great weather, great crop yields."  Martin joins Jim as he hosts the 93rd Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting at the Marriott in New Orleans.  Tomorrow, Jim will moderate an exchange between the Farm Bureau and each of the four Gubernatorial candidates.  

Les Duhe'

Les Duhe' is a noted political consultant.  He gives his opinion on each of the four gubernatorial candidates.  "We put a very high premium on being entertained, and the worst thing you can be as a politician is boring," Duhe' says.  

Governor Q&A

Gubernatorial candidates John Bel Edwards, Jay Dardenne, and Scott Angelle deliver their opinions on the following question: 

"What are your observations of the SAVE fund, which was approved by the legislature, and if elected Governor, are you inclined to preserve it or rescind it?
Jay Dardenne says YES we need to keep funding at at least current levels. 
John Bel Edwards says I absolutely commit to maintain funding for the LSU Ag Center and the Southern University Ag Center.
Scott Angelle says, "When farmers thrive, we all thrive... I will give my 100% support... at current levels or higher." 


Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace is a political columnist at The Advocate.  She calls David Vitter "the man to beat."  She gives her analysis of each of the four gubernatorial candidates, their campaign strategies, and the likely outcomes as the election unfolds.  She also analyzes Governor Jindal's presidential announcement. 

Jake Delhomme

Jack Delhomme is a former NFL quarterback.  He played in college football at ULL, then went onto the Saints before he played in the European NFL.  He returned in 1999 to play for the Saints before he moved onto the Panthers as starting quarterback.  He is being inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.