Tuesday: Judge Freddie Pitcher, Jr. Retires, Tom Brady's Suspension, Healthcare, and Louisiana Politics


Freddie Pitcher, Jr. 

Judge Freddie Pitcher, Jr. is the Southern University Law Chancellor.  He has just announced his retirement.  He remembers his career and how his experiences have shaped his life.  Pitcher was the first African American Judge elected in Baton Rouge.  Pitcher will remain continue to teach at Southern University and rejoin his old law firm as a senior partner.  

Stan Veuger

Stan Veuger is an economist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.  Veuger discusses his recent article in the New York Times Deflating 'Deflategate' regarding Tom Brady's scandal.

Josh Archambault

Josh Archambault is Pioneer’s Senior Fellow on Health Care Policy.  He comments on the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on the case regarding Obamacare.


Stephen Waguespack

Stephen Waguespack is the president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.  He discusses higher education, the end of the legislative session, and budget reform.  

Doug Ireland

Doug Ireland is the Foundation Executive Director and Chairman of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.