Monday: Johnny O'Bryant and NFL Basketball, Backlands, Louisiana Education, and Executive Director of Louisiana Democratic Party Stephen Handwerk


Johnny O'Bryant II

Johnny O'Bryant Jr. is the father of former LSU Basketball player Johnny O'Bryant III.  Johnny O'Bryant III is now playing in the NFL.  He shares his book From Rags to Spiritual Riches with Jim today.  O'Bryant Jr. also comments on his abusive childhood and growing up in Mississippi.  

Victoria Shorr

Victoria Shorr is a writer and political activist.  She shares her new book Backlands and the stories of the bandits she met on her journey.

Noel Hammatt

Noel Hammatt is a former school board member.  He discusses the recent defeat of pay check protection bill.  House Bill 418 would have end the automatic deduction of union dues from teacher's paychecks.  Hammatt shares his opinion on the failed bill and LABI's Lane Grigsby's comments.  Hammatt also discusses the failed petition for the City of St. George. 


Stephen Handwerk

Stephen Handwerk is the Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  He is discussing the end of the legislative session and the beginning of the fall elections.  Handwerk expresses his distaste for David Vitter as potential Louisiana Governor and for Bobby Jindal as potential President.