TUESDAY: Jazz Age; Scotlandville; Trump For President?; Head of LA GOP;

Hour 1

Emily Bingham

Author: Emily Bingham http://emilybingham.net/about/

Author: Emily Bingham http://emilybingham.net/about/

Author Emily Bingham joins us to talk about her book, "The Jazz Age Life of Henrietta Bingham."

"Henrietta Bingham rode the cultural cusp as a muse to the Bloomsbury group, the daughter of the ambassador to England during the rise of Nazism, the seductress of royalty and athletic champions, and a pre-Stonewall figure who never buckled to convention. But her great niece, biographer and historian Emily Bingham, knew none of that growing up. The secret of who her great-aunt was, and just why her story was buried for so long led to Irrespressible."

Rachel Emanuel, with the Southern University Law Center and Dr. Charles Vincent

Emanuel and Vincent wrote, "Scotlandville (Images of America)"

From Amazon.comA rural village that was once the entry point for the slave trade and home to a cotton plantation, Scotlandville became the largest majority African American town in Louisiana. Located in the northern part of East Baton Rouge Parish, Scotlandville's history is intricately tied to Southern University and A&M College System, the only historically black university system in the United States. Southern University relocated from New Orleans to the bluff of the Mississippi River on the western edge of Scotlandville in 1914.

Hour 2

Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party Roger Villere



We spend hour two with Louisiana Republican Party Chair Roger Villere. He talks about the state of the party in the state and nation. He also remarks about Donald Trump who announced today that he's seeking the Republican Presidential nomination.