Friday: The Real "Alex Vause" from Orange is the New Black, the Louisiana Legislative Session, and the Governor's Election


Jan Moller

Jan Moller is the President of the Louisiana Budget Project.  He discusses the outcome of the messy legislative session and how Louisiana will be affected.  Moller also speculates on the governor's election and Governor Jindal's chances in the 2016 presidential election.   

Cleary Wolters

Catherine Cleary Wolters is the real life "Alex Vause" from the popular netflix show Orange is the New Black.  She shares her memoir Out of Orange with Jim today.  


David Hood

David Hood is a former Louisiana health secretary.  He discusses Bobby Jindal's time as governor and how his term will affect Louisiana.  He also gives his opinion on the Jindal's prospects in the 2016 presidential election.  Hood comments specifically on the governor's handling of healthcare and hospital privatization.  

William Taylor

William Taylor is a Louisiana Sports commentator.  Taylor remembers wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes who died at age 69.